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Rorisang Maimane, hmmm! Where to begin? Well Rorisang Maimane want you to flourish and thrive first and foremost.

He has presented his book "Embracing Change" to you to take the first and best step to make your life great.

Rorisang Maimane, is the Founder and current Creative Director at Helpmyworld Pty Ltd, Reg No.: 2015/345041/07 and Helpmyworld Publishers a role which is very instrumental to inspire flourishing lifestyles to everyone who seeks to flourish. When he is not leading as a Creative Director, he is a great writer/ author, sketch artist, life coach, motivational speaker and web developer.

Prior to Starting Helpmyworld, Rorisang was a very influential public servant working with Persons With Disabilities. Rorisang's passion and drive to help individuals is inspired by the differences in people, the fire that burns within each and every individual to become the best they can be in the competitive societies. Rorisang also lead an online jobseeker support services (Workseekers Foundation 2012 - 2015) which was dedicated to close the gap between jobseekers and employers by updating job seekers with current opportunities and link jobseekers with relevant employers

Experience of working as a public servant has made Rorisang’s vision and goal to help people much easier. 30 Minutes with Rorisang is more than enough to stir hope in your life and inspire you to become the best person you are born to be.

He helps individuals to use their abilities and skills to achieve immeasurable success and rise to new heights.You will thrive in business, personal development and other areas of life when you work with Rorisang. You will be excited to learn that whatever you are going through can get better.

His focus is on the areas of purpose, identity, skills and abilities to help you flourish and thrive in life all the times. He continues to empower individuals to live a life filled with purpose, satisfaction and love for love.

Rorisang teaches to create a lifestyle of value, helps anyone who is ready to work to create the life that they deserve, whether to venture in business, become a writer, or simply to live a satisfying life without any worries

Authored Books/Articles

Embrace Change: Flourish in times of challenges and crisis


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